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LED High Mast



High conduction Cu-Mg-Al alloy shell; Optic glass lens with deep penetration of lighting and high refraction; Integrated high-power LED light source module with high-efficiency but low thermal resistance; Constant-current drive power supply with high-efficiency and long working lifetime.
Places available
Square, coliseum, pier, parking-lot and other places needing long-distance exterior lighting.
High-power LED chips — Integrated encapsulation for American imported chips (single-particle 30W-100W series), long working lifetime; Low brightness decline, and the brightness decline is lower than 15% within 50 thousand hours; More than 1001m/w light efficiency.
Optic light distribution lens — Circular light spot and eccentric elliptical light spot with high burnishing efficiency; No dazzling lights, no light pollution, high illumination uniformity (higher than 0.7)
Punching multi-surface three-dimension and stretching holistic radiator — The Cu-Mg-Al alloy structure (high conduction, light weigh, high heat dissipation efficiency), is attractive in design, convenient, safe and can use in everywhere.
Constant-current drive -- The power efficiency is very high and there is no operating troubles within 50 thousand hours because of the stable rectifier, constant-current drive power supply, instantaneous drive and the power factor (more than 0.96).
Pioneering variable type lamp shell — The scientific design of the combination of radiator and lamp shell makes the heat transfer and release fast, minimizing the LED brightness decline, so that the appearance of the lamps is variable, meeting the aesthetic needs in the market.
Compared with the traditional sodium lamps, the LED lamps can save 60% to 80% of the electricity charges.

Tel: 0097143518708 Mob:00971526235281 Email:info@solarstarlighting.com